To start playing on the ScoreIsRight, users can login to our website www.scoreisright.com or download the application on their mobile phone supporting Android or iOS. Android appcan be download from the Google Play store and iOS app can be installed from Apple Store. Post installation of the application, users are advised to create their account, shortlist their choice of games and get started with the game.


The ScoreIsRight is an online fantasy sports game where the users are furnish with a platform to fulfil their cricket fantasy and put their cricketing knowledge and insights to test and bring into life the excitement of playful Conjectures and anticipation by fantasizing the closest score of the team they are playing for. ScoreIsRight is a unique online game where participants foregather imaginary or virtual teams & players of a professional sports post which these teams compete based on the statistical performance of the players’ team & players in the actual game.
To sign up, users are advised to download the application on their mobiles phones. Post the download and installation of the application, users can click on the Sign Up tab and fill in their mandatory details as Username, Email ID, Mobile Number, State and get their account OTP verified. Users can also play this game from web browser by visiting the website www.scoreisright.com
No, you can only use one account on ScoreIsRight to initiate a FairPlay and equal opportunity to the other users.
After the successful creation and authentication of your account on the ScoreIsRight application, Log in to your account and go to My Profile and Update your Profile.
As to maintain and administer the uniqueness and singularity of your ID and for the further recognition of your account, you need to verify your mobile number as soon as you sign up
No, users are not allowed to change their Mobile No./Email ID once the procedure of registration is done.
There’s no reason about being worried about the know- how and the insights of the game as on ScoreIsRight you will always be provided with a helping hand. We have a how to How to Play page that guides you through all the steps of the game , the Fair play and its Violation. Additionally you will find a video in our webpage that takes you through the process of playing very conveniently.


You have to register or login to your account on the ScoreIsRight application. You can also Sign Up/ Sign In using your Facebook ? google account as well. Post which you can choose the contest you want to play and your choice of games and you are ready to play. Additionally you can also refer to our “How To Play” video to gain more insights about the game.
We have Turbo & Standard Contests of T20 & ODI (Both men & women). Users can play these contests for Free/Gift Cards/Premium/My Group or Challenge a Friend(wherein you can create your own group(s) of friends & relatives or even have a one-on-one challenge with friends & relatives of your choice.
Public Contests are open for all users to participate in irrespective of anything; whereas Private Contests allows you to invite & challenge your own friends in the same League. You can invite your friends by sending them personalised request on their phone.
While creating a group, you have to invite your friends & relatives, post which they will revert back to your request. In groups as an admin you will be getting an added advantage to decide the type of contests for a particular group(s).
On theScoreIsRight application you can register for the contest at any given time you want, but the actual contest or the playing starts from the time the actual game is proceeded.
There are 4 types of contest on the ScoreIsRight application
  1. Free – where you can play for free.
  2. Gift Cards – here you can play the contest & on winning you are validated or eligible for the exciting gift cards & coupons.
  3. Premium – here you can join any contests with bare minimum joining fees.
  4. Create A Group/Challenge a Friend – here you can build groups with your friends & relatives to play & enjoy the game amongst yourselves or even Challenge your friend one-on-one in a particular game.
You can enter into any contest of your choice by logging into your account at any given time.

Turbo Contests – Turbo Contest is exclusively designed for gamers who are willing to play the game in a jiffy owing to exuberant reasons like travelling, or gaming from workplace, family gatherings and picnics or for the most part the busy life set ups. Turbo game mode validates gamers to play for the first innings only and are validated to answer all the questions of all levels at the same time before the timer stops.

Standard Contests – Standard game is developed as a general contest and the users are allowed to play the entire game with the playing team and further enjoy the game at the fullest. Here users are allowed to answer the questions of each level at the prompt of the level timers.

To qualify for the Leader board onScoreIsRight application, you have to answer all the questions on all the levels to the closest score or the target & have to accumulate maximum points amongst your competitors.
To win Maximum points on ScoreIsRight application you have to answer all the questions on all the Levels to the closest of the target score& have to assemble maximum points among your competitors. Additionally you will get to win a bonus points if you answer the exact score of the team in the first innings at the end of 20 overs.
To win Bonus you have answer the exact score of the team in the first innings at the end of 20 overs.
Yes, you can always play for free on the ScoreIsRight application.
The minimum joining fee to enter into a contest on the Score Is Right is Rs. 9(depending upon the choice of the game).
Yes, you are allowed to participate & play in as many contests at the same time with one valid account of yours.
To win points on theScoreIsRight application you have to answer all the questions on all the Levels to the closest of the target score & have to accumulate maximum points amongst your competitors.


Users can Login in to ScoreIsRight account; go to My eWallet, click on + icon to add money to their account. Post this process users will be redirected to the Payment Gateway & then users can add money in their wallet as per their convenience. After successful completion of the process the money will, be spontaneously added to their ScoreIsRight account.
Users can add as much money as they want in their ScoreIsRight Wallet.
Users can withdraw their winnings from their ScoreIsRight account, by logging into their account, going to My eWallet, and clicking on the Withdraw button. Then users will be asked to submit the copy of their Pan Card, Address proof & Bank Account Details(Copy of Canceled Cheque/Front Page of Bank Pass Book/Front Page of e-banking) having the users Name, Account Number, Bank Name, Bank Branch & IFSC Code.
In a day the minimum amount users can withdraw from their ScoreIsRight account is Rs.500 & maximum amount that users can withdraw is Rs.9500.
To validate users for the withdrawal on the ScoreIsRight application users have to furnish the following details - the copy of the Pan Card, Address proof & Bank Account Details(Copy of Canceled Cheque/Front Page of Bank Pass Book/Front Page of r e-banking) bearing the users Name, Account Number, Bank Name, Bank Branch & IFSC Code.
No, Gift Cards are not exchangeable against Fiat Money.
Yes, users are advised to pay Taxes on the winnings , solely as per the Governments norms & Taxes policy.
The withdrawal process on ScoreIsRight takes 24-48 working hours after the authentication/ verification of users accounts & Banking papers.

Points & Ranks

The points are ScoreIsRight is calculated on every Level. There are 4 – 5 levels in every game, including the T20 & ODI. The window of every level opens up on a curtail over to input your answer. Users are advised to input their answers for a particular level before the timer ends. To earn the maximum points users have to be very closest to the exact score of the team at that particular end of over. The more closer users get, the maximum points users can earn. To add to the list there will be bonus window in the first innings only, where if users input the exact score of the team at the end of 20 overs, then they get a bonus points which further booststheir score to the maximum level.
To earn bonus window in the first innings only, wherein users should input the exact score of the team at the end of 20 overs.
The leader board rankings are decided among the participants for the particular contests depending upon the maximum points collected during the phase.
Yes, the points systems are different for every different formats of the contests.
The maximum ranked places in a particular contest on an entirety depends upon the number of entries in the particular contests.


Yes, ScoreIsRight is very much legal in India barring Odisha, Telangana & Assam. Rest of the Indian States legalise playing Fantasy sports game.
Yes, the paid version of Fantasy Cricket islegal in all the Indian States except for states as Odisha, Assam and Telangana.
Users mandatorily have to be 18+ to play & participate in the Online Fantasy Sports game in India. If a user below 18 registers in ScoreIsRight, then he/she will be solely responsible for this act of his/her&ScoreIsRightin any way will not be responsible for any discrepancies & legal obligations in regards to this.
Any individual being an Indian resident from any state except Odisha, Assam & Telangana & will have to be of 18+ age to participate & play on the ScoreIsRight application.